So apparently, I’ve been experiencing growing pains! Well, this was what my big sister coach friend exclaimed some time ago when I shared how I was feeling about some ‘unfinished business’ in my business. And the good news is, growing pains is a good thing for a young business like mine.

In this episode of Mind Your Business, I share a conversation I had with God. You see, after 8 years of running my business, there was this particular issue that was still outstanding and I was feeling a lot of frustration. 

One night while on a flight back home to Ghana, I moaned to God about how I felt so tired about this issue. Why won’t He just speed up the process? As I was moaning about these frustrations, I suddenly became aware of the loud noise coming from the plane’s engine (it had been there all along but I was in too deep a thought to notice. At this time, it was pitch black outside except for the tiny light on the plane’s wing). 

It was as if the plane was static, only producing noise! That was exactly what I thought that aspect of my business was: ‘God, I am making so much noise like this plane but not making any progress!’

The moment I had this thought, a response dropped in my spirit which set me off on a thinking path and ended up changing my whole perception about this issue. By the way, as of the time of airing this episode, the situation which caused me so much frustration has been resolved and I am ‘out of this tunnel into the light’! Finally! Patience, patience, patience! 

I hope you watch this rather short episode and believe that surely, you’ll get to your divine destination! Remain fabulous as you keep pressing on.

Ama xx

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