Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you one Fabulous Sleep Ambassador, Coach Catherine Engmann. Her story has totally hit me today in the most unexpected ways! During iFAB 2023, she shared about how she woke up on 14 April 2021 with an unusual kind of headache. 

She had been having headaches for months but this time it was different. And then her speech began slurring but of course ‘she was too busy’ to go have it checked. Long story short, she was on the brink of a stroke! 

Thank God she eventually said no to work and yes to visiting the hospital. Listening to her, I just love how she was self-aware of the underlying factors that led to this. And how the experience is teaching her to put herself first. 

She shares so many powerful gems on how to take care of our physical wellness.

Please take a listen here, take what’s yours from this message and share it with your fabulous friends. Remember, we need to be well to impact.

Ama xx